Which people can identify and motivate them to take action. It is not about describing the product, but about drawing the product in the minds of others. How do you do this in a job ad? I’m not going to cheat on you. But it’s not impossible either. The main idea is not to describe the product, But to Show it in action . So, for example, instead of explaining a story about what your company is like, or worse, making a copy&paste. Who are we of your corporate website. You could tell what the day-to-day life of one of the employees is like, or what the day-to-day life of the candidate will be like if he were finally hir. It is not necessary to narrate the Iliad. With the reader getting an idea of ​​what awaits him if he decides to bet on your company. It is enough to attract his attention. There is nothing more persuasive than a good story Copywriting.

Let’s Start Where

The second tool that, together with storytelling, makes writing a winning combo is copywiting. We can define copywriting as the art of knowing how Benin WhatsApp Number to say the correct words in the correct order to cause the correct effect . It is what makes empty and boring messages stop being boring, transforming the texts into magnets for potential clients (and candidates). Our intention is that the best qualifi profiles are interest in us and, after reading our ad, they have an irrepressible desire to throw their CV in our faces. Well, when writing a job offer, what you say and how you say it is very important. Because you won’t get the same answer with “Can I smoke while I pray.

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You Have to Start

Than with “Can I pray while I smoke?” If you want to know more about Copy for Human Resources, don’t miss the interview we did with Isra Bravo in our podcast ” You Can Always Surf “. The structure of a good job ad The structure of a job offer has to guide the Aero Leads candidate from start to finish. Each paragraph has to be link to the previous one without losing the thread and giving all the necessary information so that the professional who reads it can make a decision. The ad must encourage the candidate to leave us their data. Surely having all the information you ne is a good start.

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