Important points to think about before creating content 11/01/2022 4 types of value that make people want to see content 10/31/2022 latest vlogs macro & micro story in brand storytelling 09/14/2021 content marketing when we talk about doing brand storytelling, we often encounter the question of what kind of story to use to “tell” about the brand or organization. Most people tend to expect great things. Powerful story in the hope that using that story will be able to clearly convey the brand’s identity. Able to produce great results but honestly, it’s not always that the stories us for brand storytelling have to be a “Big deal” because we must first understand that the brand’s storytelling process is more than just a single piece of hero content like them.

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Because doing a good brand storytelling is the use of both macro story and micro story together to coordinate and create a clearer brand image in the target group. First of all, we have to understand the problem that brand storytelling has an important goal which is to create a “memory” of the business for the target audience. Of course, that memory will come Portugal Phone Number from seeing. Hear the story and experiences that he will get from the brand and that l to the categorization of stories into 2 things together. Macro story is the important story of business which is often a matter of important steps such as opening a business important turning point past success the effect of business on society beliefs at the core of a business, philosophies, which these are like the.

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Pictures of the business, we often see, for example, the story of steve jobs in creating apple and the phenomenon that apple did with the industry. Karma or elon musk’s history and ambitions with tesla and spacex, for example. Of course, for businesses, having a macro story is something that will help make brand storytelling clear as it is the “Core” in the  Aero Leadscommunication that has been pick up. Such as concepts that challenge conventional standards, thinking outside the box innovation focusing on customer happiness, etc., and these are often seen in hero content events.

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