Summarize the above mention should be a rough projection. It shows the aspects of using ai in marketing that are likely to happen soon. Of course, today, many people may still be unable to catch the end of each other. Hopefully, stories from adobe summit and from global marketing solutions providers will give us some direction to prepare. Aimarketing see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friend what is brand engagement? So why is it important? 01/05/2018 thoughts the word engagement is probably.

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The most popular word in online marketing especially because it seems to be us to refer to “interaction” that occurs through clicking like, comment, share on social mia, but now many people might wonder if it’s the same thing as brand engagement? So why are marketers Real Phone Number trying to create this all the time? Today’s blog, so I would like to explain it in a simple way. What is brand engagement? To be honest, the term brand engagement is a very broad term and is us in so many dimensions that it sometimes becomes very popular. Have stay the same but if the essence of the true meaning then it is how the target audience interacts with the brand in different ways.

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This interaction is not just about buying products or using services. Which when we look in this dimension we can see that interactions between customers and brands can take place through various channels. Many people will call it point Aero Leads of contact, or in this era, it will be call touchpoint. This interaction has many forms such as seeing, touching, experimenting, taking information, asking, participating. Etc. (which here, some people will call it brand expereince), which this process leads to building a relationship between the customer and the brand, or what we often call it brand relationship.

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