Millennials consume a variety of mia. In the group of millennials (25-39 years old), it is important to watch online videos like gen z, but it has also spread to other mia such as watching online tv / broadcast tv / online press, etc., which may be view as that this group tries to find information from a variety of sources and it’s a group that consumes more content than gen z. Gen x is mainly focus on tv. For the gen x group (40-54 years old), it was found that the sample group spent more time on tv. While other mia it has been distribut in descending order.

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Online mia consumption is still there, but it focuses more on online tv channels. Baby boomer tv is the mainstay of mia. Among the baby boomers, which we can understand as being less digitally active than others, will use the tv channel as the main channel while other mia have a significantly smaller proportion than other gen people gen z and millennials Latvia Phone Number are more likely to subscribe to content services. When further surveying which groups of people tend to subscribe to content services from various service providers. Which originally never appli (before the crisis), it was found that gen z and millennials are more likely to apply than other groups. Obviously note the above information is a survey abroad.

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Which may be able to tell some trends but for thailand, it may have to be consider according to the context again. Data of the global web index can be download here. Infographic images are from visual capitalist . Share the knowlge! Covidmarketingresearch see more details line sticker marketing: conversational content marketing – what Aero Leads you should know, opportunities, and cautions 12/10/2012 content marketingmarketing at this hour, if talking about a chat program (messaging service) that is popular throughout the house in that city probably nothing in excess of the eye. Line is certain, with the total number of users across the world recently surpassing 80 million.

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