Brand has obtain the  title for the largest beer tasting in the world. Called This breaks the previous record, achieve for the last time in

In a great party, with laughter and joy,  were summoned by the brewery. They have fille the de Barcelona to taste three varieties of the

This Brand Gets The Guinness

The attending public has participate following the Colombia Phone Numbers instructions of Timeline Of Social Media History of Moritz since 2012, who has directe the tasting, thus disseminating the company’s own beer culture, and at the end has raise the glasses in victory .

The number of attendees was complete in the first hours with a waiting list of more than

The activity has been supervise by one of the official. Judges of the Guinness World Records together with 50 scouts requeste by Guinness. Who have controlle step by step the development of the tasting, ensuring that the public followed the instructions meticulously. In order to comply with the regulations and get the international award.

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World Records For The Largest Beer

To celebrate the achievement of the award and as a sign of the brewery’s support for local culture, attendees were able to enjoy live performances by

Moritz7 has always been involved in the social and cultural life of the city, combining tradition and modernity and brewing beer in the center of the Catalan capital. Today she continues to transmit the values ​​of Barcelona in all her activities.

Now, the center of the Ronda continues to be a meeting point, which has a microbrewery and the brand’s R&D space, which allows innovating and creating seasonal beers that change regularly, and pop-up beers from limited edition for special days.

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