SEO information on twitter. Then (WEBMARKS) I found the 1st gen account, and I read the article of that person and learned about WEBMARKS. So, I listened to the story directly with that person via DM, and thought I’d try to listen to it even just once, so I applied for an interview. ――How did you feel after taking WEBMARKS? I was able to efficiently learn a wide range of knowledge about SEO, from basics to applications! About my current job Mr. Tanaka talking about his current job ――Please tell us about your current work. I work as an SEO manager for a venture company in Tokyo. As a business content, it is general work related to SEO . It covers a wide range from site design to keyword selection, article composition to external measures such as backlinks. Both factory workers.

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SEOs have in common that they work diligently and steadily, but now I work almost like a person in charge instead of doing the assigned work all the time. So it’s a job that requires a sense of responsibility, and although it’s difficult, I’m very happy when it leads to results! ――What kind of results did you get? The media I’m in charge of was launched in Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number a new domain, but it started with zero PV and has now grown to about 80,000 PV. In terms of income, there are variations, but the average is about 2 million yen. When it’s a lot, it’s 15.5 million yen, and the project is decided. Recently, it has been monetized to some extent. In order to grow new media, I was conscious of publishing many articles even if the quality of the articles was lowered to some extent.

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Also the market we entered was a blue ocean to some extent, and competition was weak, so we focused on measures such as backlinks to raise the domain rank. As a result, it grew from 0 to 42 in about a year, becoming a fairly strong media in the marketHave you changed your mind about your career? Now I can live with confidence! I used to feel awkward when I met my relatives… (laughs) Before, I was the only part-time worker while all my relatives Aero Leads around the same age went to college. I didn’t go to many gatherings, but now I can show my face with confidence. Also, I can meet my classmates from my school days with confidence. About the future Mr. Tanaka talks about future goals ――Please tell us about your future goals. “I want to earn 10 million yen! ” For the time being.

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