Stating that ” their strategy and technology are perfectly aligned, which guarantees the success of the customer experience “. To improve the customer journey, marketers need to understand the intentions of their customers. In this context, the priorities for companies in the EMEA region in 2020 are managing the customer journey (29%), targeting and personalization (28%), on par with interactions via social networks (28%). ” Better management of. Journey is part of the essential strategic foundation for the deployment of . A quality customer experience. Underlines the study. To qualify this trend, the study also highlights the digital inequalities, which exist between companies with the necessary resources to invest in the customer experience and those for which an inadequate budget represents an obstacle.

While many companies in the EMEA zone favor the marketing

Managing the volume of data and the variety of content are the main difficulties in optimizing the customer journey. The challenge of data marketing “ Accessing a consistent, unified view of data and building personalized profiles for each customer has long been a cornerstone of effective customer experience management. The study adds. Data provides essential context for marketers and reveals pain points to. Anticipate future customer needs. Data centered on the individual to extract. Insights and exploit them to offer a personalized experience to. Their prospects and customers. France does not yet consider the intelligent use of data as a real digital opportunity for 2020 (11% of French companies, compared to 21% in the United Kingdom, 15% in Germany and 16% in the Scandinavian countries).

Artificial intelligence to accelerate personalization

At scale The exploitation of large-scale data is one of the future challenges for companies, in order to offer personalized experiences Aero Leads to their customers. To speed up the process, artificial intelligence and machine learning are among the technologies allowing companies to automate the management of. The volume of data and exploit its potential. In France, companies are still quite hesitant in this area: 16% of companies say they. Already use AI and machine learning to bring brands closer to their customers. Nearly one in three. French companies plans to invest. In these technologies, while 53% of them do not plan to do so at all. These figures nevertheless remain within the average of our European neighbours, such as Germany (61%), the United Kingdom (57%), the Scandinavian countries (51%) and Italy (50%), where more than one in two companies do not plan to use these technologies at all in 2020.


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