This is because the social network itself created several tools so that its users could ensure good use and engagement within the platform. Facebook ads. For example. Was created so that users could create digital marketing campaigns. Directly from the social network. In addition to obtaining metrics regarding such advertising. This is one of the most popular facebook tools. And it is essential for those who want to sell on the social network. From ads.

The success of publications. And other advantages. All reports are delivered to the user so that he understands what has been happening with his page. How it has been performing and. From that. He will create actions that may favor him. 2. Facebook for creators facebook for creators is another one of the facebook tools that were created by the social network itself.

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Facebook ads you can see that facebook is concerned with the development of content and administration of pages. Unlike facebook IT Directors Managers Email Lists insights. It was created exclusively for video content creators. In it. Users find resources to produce and edit their content. In addition to obtaining their own metrics for the videos. All this thought to guarantee the engagement of this type of publication.

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You can also create campaigns for instagram. 4. Howsociable howsociable is one of the facebook tools that was not created by the platform. It was created from a metric to calculate the impact of your brand on various social networks. Including facebook. In addition to the social network. It is possible to analyze linkedin. Youtube. Google plus. Tumblr. WordPress. Blogger.

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Among others. In conclusion, It should be noted that. In order to analyze your brand metrics on facebook. You must have a professional account. That is. Your account must be business so that it is possible to obtain your brand data. One of the great advantages of howsociable is that it allows you to observe competing pages and obtain fundamental information about those pages.

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