PEOPLE Adapting to the future The fourth industrial revolution has left us concepts such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, UX, Digitization, Virtual and Expanded Reality, Nanotechnology, Quantum Computing, Biotechnology, Internet of Things, Machine Learning or Blockchain among many others. The labor market is evolving towards a totally technological aspect, and it is increasingly common to find digital tools that replace jobs traditionally occupied by humans. In fact, the World Economic Forum’s 2018 Future of Jobs Report states that “ by 2025, machines will perform more current work tasks than people, compared to 71% of tasks performed by people today in day.

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Do robots take our jobs? Relax, you can lower the torches because the same report indicates that the rapid evolution of machines and algorithms in the Indonesia WhatsApp Number workplace could create 133 million new positions , closing the gap of the 15 million displaced positions. The problem is that technology is advancing so fast, that the educational pathway is not able to meet the new needs in time , and organizations are having trouble finding the talent they need to fill the new generation positions. And it is that the professions are becoming increasingly specialized, and positions are appearing that require professionals with very specific skills and abilities.

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In order not to lose competitiveness, it is essential that organizations transform their organizational culture to create agile, diverse, creative and versatile teams, capable of adapting to the VUCA market that prevails today. And for this, corporate Aero Leads training is a key element in the talent management strategy . Given the panorama, programs for learning new skills ( reskilling ), or improving existing ones ( upskilling ), are the best solution to face a future that makes you laugh at Black Mirror. Reskilling Reskilling refers to the process by which an organization.

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