Concept that it can be difficult to approach. However, there are some tips that you can follow to inspire your employees. To begin with, there are studies that relate the state of mind with the distribution of the office. Thus, open spaces, pleasant and comfortable, and with good lighting are the ones that most promote creativity. On the other hand, inspiration is not only created from the furniture. The attitude of the managers also influences. In this case, constant communication and timely feedback help employees turn on the light bulb, boosting their creativity and allowing them to go further. Encourage teamwork If two minds are better than one, imagine.

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What could happen when you put your whole team together on a common project. Teamwork is very useful for stimulating creativity, and the more diverse the work group, the more creative it will be. This is because the different points of view, the exchange Nigeria Phone Number of experiences, and the different ways of perceiving the environment come together to form a melting pot of varied ideas that is difficult to reach by a single individual. In order for your team to collaborate comfortably and effectively, it is essential that they have the necessary tools such as Asana, Trello, Microsoft Teams, Zoom , and document management spaces in the Cloud such as Drive or SharePoint.

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These software, most of them free, will make it easy for your employees to work side by side, even if they are not even in the office! Which is very useful for Aero Leads those people who work from homProvide spaces for rest Creative work is one of those that, even if you can’t see it, tires you. Constantly thinking of new ideas to improve processes requires a great mental effort , and if we overload the brain, it stops working.

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