Let’s see, let’s be clear: even if what we say is true and we have good intentions, the person who receives this feedback is only going to keep the phrase “ You don’t fit what we are looking for ”. The rest are decorations to soften the impact and not offend. And people know it, people are not stupid . Therefore, do not treat them as such. Instead, why not be direct ? ” Thank you very much for your interest in this position, but your candidacy has not gone ahead .” Really, people appreciate the sincerity and that you don’t beat around the bush. But that is only part of the news, the issue of constructive feedback remains . In the same way that companies look for the opinions of clients to be able to offer better quality services, we can take advantage of the moment of rejecting candidates to do the same.

Had a First Approach

Tell them, with love and affection, why they have not been finally selected. And, on top of that, you give them guidelines on how to improve , all the better: « The position requires a person with a higher level of experience in front-end languages. You could Ecuador WhatsApp Number try to do some training in HTML5 or CSS, currently they are highly demanded languages ​​and… ». Do you see where the shots are going? Doing it this way will possibly set you apart from other companies with a much colder and more mechanized pattern of action. In addition, you will make a good impression, generate engagement and improve the brand image . A total win-win. 3. Do not close any doors It is a typical and cliché phrase, but that.

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To the Candidate

We would like to count on you for future opportunities ” is still true, especially when it comes to very powerful candidacies . What is not worth is telling it to everyone , especially if it is not true. As we have already said, people like sincerity. If a profile isn’t the right one because it doesn’t fit into the company’s culture, don’t tell them that maybe, later on… maybe… they can opt to be part of the team if a vacancy becomes available. However, when a decision is very Aero Leads close between several candidates, but you can only hire one of them, then yes. Here it does make sense to leave the doors open. The message you give has to be genuine so that the candidates we want to keep in the database continue to trust us and do not think twice about collaborating together on other projects.

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