What is evident now is that users can “Command” through speech or using voice (voice command) right away, and now the product has start to support more widespread like amazon alexa / google. Home and those that have just start selling like the apple homepod, do not accept many other brands that have already been releas, such as xiaomi / sony / line that already have a smart speaker. And that’s not counting the voice assistant capabilities that we’ve seen in smartphones / computers like google assistant / siri / bixby (samsung) / contara (microsoft.

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Of course, at the start, smart speaker products will only work on basic things like listening to music. But now we can see that there are many other abilities. For example, searching for information, ordering smart home and other devices, etc. So how does it matter? To put it simply, what would happen if people start to change their behavior instead of turning China Phone Number on their phones or computers to type in information? But it becomes an order with the ai ​​that is in these touchless devices to find information or order various products. As we can now do with devices like amazon alexa or google home. That means these devices will become just another search engine and marketing touchpoint in our lives.

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In addition, if it comes into lifestyle behavior such as shopping, it will become another important turning point of e-commerce. According to comscore forecasts , voice search will account for more than 50% of all searches in 2020. According to forrester , more than 66.3 million households in the us will have a smart speaker by 2022. At present, it is Aero Leads expect that more than 39 million people in the us already have a smart speaker . Facebook plans to clean up some posts for likes and spam in news fe. 04/11/2014 updates facebook seems to be taking a serious step towards handling spam posts that annoy users as some pages overuse their engagement posts.

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