Must be established. On the other hand, if the company has more than 50 workers and the salary difference between men and women is 25% or more , a justification must also be included that explains why this difference is due and why it is not related to the gender of workers. For this, it is advisable to carry out a remuneration audit , in this way, it will be easier to know the causes of salary imbalances. On the other hand, there are other concepts that are NOT taken into consideration in the registry. These are: Indemnities or supplements for expenses incurred as a result of work activity. Social Security benefits or compensation. Distance and transport bonuses. Transfer compensation. Indemnities for suspensions or dismissals. Allowances for lodging or maintenance.. How to fill out the salary record.

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The way to record the salaries of employees and keep track of them will depend on each company. Each organization has its style and methodology, and for some an Excel will work better, and for others a physical account book of a lifetime (for example, for people who only have 1 worker). However, the Ministry of Equality has a tool and a user Costa Rica WhatsApp Number guide available to companies to carry out this task, which can be obtain through its website. Although we provide it here . It is an Excel Workbook with dynamic tables, divid into several tabs in which the specifi information must be provide. In any case, a salary record cannot be carri out successfully if a study of the workers has not previously been carri out. In this sense, the salary, contract.

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Position, as well as the personal data of each of the employees on the staff must be known so that they can be record in the registry. Of course, all in anonymous format .What companies does it affect? To each and every one of the companies that carry out their functions in Spain. What if I only have 1 worker? You have to have a record. Ok, but this is Aero Leads to verify that there is no wage gap. What if my employees are all women ? Or all men? It is also mandatory to keep a salary record. In an exercise of equality, the regulations do not make any distinction by size or type of company, and all are equally oblig to register wages. As for the person who has to carry it out , it is convenient that they know numbers and people management, as well as knowlge of equality.

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