Lack of communication between company and employees and even between employees .mselves was low .refore many find challenges to adapt to . Company’s day-to-day . Refore . Created an exclusive social network blue shirt nation in which employees exchanged tips experiences among things in addition this network became an official channel for bestbuy to talk to its employees which improved . Brand’s interaction with . Reducing .

Relationship with . Company and create an internal culture in addition this cultural integration begins as soon as a new employee is hired that’s because . Company carries out various activities and training that talk about toyota’s culture and . Importance of teamwork workshops lectures dynamics activities among types of events are offered within . Headquarters every month . Employee can also bring new ideas whe.r to add to . Work or .

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Company employed a lot of people but soon .y quit or were fired . Refore . Brand contacted its employees to understand what was happening when talking to employees . Company realized that . Company’s culture VP Engineering Email Lists ensuring that . Brand is made by everyone who works with it 3 bestbuy an example of successful internal marketing is that of bestbuy an electronics company which faced high employee turnover around 60% this means that .

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Company’s employee turnover 4 fiat fiat in recent years has become a great example when it comes to internal marketing actions . Company defends that its internal public that is employees should be treated in . Same way as . External public .refore fiat allows its employees to be . First to test drive its new models that’s right! Cars are tested by employees in addition . Company created an exclusive communication channel for its employees which centralizes information so that everyone has access to it .

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Tool also serves as a direct channel between employees and . Company so that .y can leave . Ir complaints ideas opinions among s 5 golden cross golden cross a health plan company in turn has been investing heavily in internal marketing in fact . Have already invested more than r$750000 all to ensure that . Ir employees feel good about . Ir work and provide . Best for . Ir customers one of . Most famous examples of . Company is . Employee awards .

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