There are two ways to complete this requirement: either through a digital certificate , or through the Clve system . . How to enter the REGCON registration platform Registration of the Equality Plan can be done at the state level or by autonomous communities, but the process is the same: through REGCON . Once we have entered the tool, we will follow the following steps : We will go to the ” Access Processing ” section, which is found in the menu on the left sidebar. We select “ No Background (New Agreement) ”. We select the option “ Company ” and then “ Agreement on Equality Plans ”. If we have enter through the state tool, we will choose the Autonomous Communities on which our Equality Plan will be appli. Finally, we will fill in the data and upload the necessary documents.

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Once sent and sav, our Equality Plan will be register Who must register the Equality Plan? The RECGON registration procure can be done by any duly accredit person , whether or not they are part of the Negotiating Commission , as long as Czech Republic WhatsApp Number they have been designat by it. The normal thing is that someone from the commission itself does it, and even so the rest of the members will have to sign a paper identifying that person as the person responsible for carrying out all the procures. . What documents are necessary to provide to register the Equality Plan? In order to duly register the Equality Plan, the following documentation sign by all the members of the.

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Negotiating Commission must be deliver : Act of Constitution of the Negotiating Commission. Act of approval and signature of the Equality Plan. Delegation act. This is a document in which the commission certifies the delegation of registration in REGCON to one of its members. The Equality Plan, together with an unsign copy of it. Statistical Sheet of Aero Leads Equality Plans (this is ANNEX 2.V RD 901/2020). In addition, the tool leaves a separate section in which to attach other relevant documents such as the Salary Record, Action Protocols, etc. What if there are errors? You have upload all the documents to REGCON and you have finish your Equality Plan registration.

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