The same goes for the emergence of apps that can share a lot more content to facebook than ever before. Currently, there are roughly 1,500 stories that appear on an individual’s news fe each time they visit facebook, but if someone has a lot of friends or likes a page, that’s it. There may be content up to 15,000 stories ever. When this is the competition for space on the news fe therefore occurs (because it is the main area where people go to read the content). That’s up 50% (compar to last year). As such, the news fe space is being hijack by multiple content sources, making content harder to find.

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The second reason is that the news fe is design to display the content that is most likely to be relevant and relevant to facebook users, even though facebook has about 1,500 views every time an average person visits. Content, but the news fe will choose Cambodia Phone Number to present only about 300 contents, which the news fe will prioritize the various contents bas on thousands of factors to see which content is most likely to be featur on news fe. Why don’t you show everything? And let people choose for themselves? (like the case of twitter/instagram) the average person loses the opportunity to see the content they want when it flows down instead of at the top.

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Which causes them to miss important messages or something more relat to them in facebook’s testing, it was found that the news fe ranking system gave people a better experience. Is facebook trying to ruce your reach because it wants money from ads? Not true – facebook wants the best user experience. If facebook users have a good experience Aero Leads with facebook, it will benefit businesses that use facebook as well. If people continue to use facebook and interact with content on the news fe, they there will also be an opportunity to interact with content from brands as well. Is it true that facebook is the only marketing platform where organic reach is declining? Actually, there are other platforms.

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