Your announcement to be successful, it is essential that it contains essential information related to your wedding day such as: – The date of the wedding – The place of reception – Times and addresses for the civil and/or religious ceremony – The address of the bride and/or the parents of the bride and groom – The desired response deadline – Is the guest invited to the ceremony. Aperitif, dinner and/or brunch – The list of your wedding (if you wish. The theme of your wedding (if there is one) You are then free to add other. Important mentions so that the guests appreciate this beautiful day. For example, if some guests live relatively far away. Do not hesitate to inform them that rooms are available for them, etc. Regarding the number of boxes needed, it depends on how you want to proceed.

You generally have three choices

All the guests have the same invitation card with the same design but the text is personalized for each person according to the party to which they are invited (“You are invited to the wine of honor and to the meal ” – “You are invited to the cocktail reception” – “You are invited to the ceremony” etc. nd choice : You can choose to design several cards: – One for the Wedding Photo Editing ceremony and the reception; – One for the ceremony, the reception and the dinner; – And one for the ceremony, the reception, dinner and brunch the next day. Depending on the guests, you slip the different corresponding boxes into the same envelope. You also have the option of making two announcements: – The main announcement. The secondary announcement where the bride and groom will tick the box corresponding to the part of the event where the guest is invited.

This reply card can also allow

Wedding Photo Editing

You to receive specific information on certain guests such as food allergies, individual suggestions, etc. Are you looking for a graphic designer to create a logo? Check the prices of our logo packs by clicking on the button below. SEE PRICES Graphic designer blog The design and sending of announcements It is important to send your announcements sufficiently Aero Leads in advance so that the guests are informed of this great event and can reserve this date. In general, the invitations are sent between 3 and 6 months before the wedding day. Depending on the style of announcement you want, the preparation time may therefore vary. If you choose a pre-designed template where you just need to add your own information, the design will be done quickly.

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