They stand out for demonstrating enthusiasm and a results – oriented profile . They are excellent professionals despite the fact that their skills and abilities do not fully match their position. In his case, the action plan consists of keeping them happy and content , making them feel valuable, since they are a very important asset for the organization. However, you should be careful, an excess of confidence could create a “comfort zone” from which they do not want to leave, which could be detrimental to both them and the organization. High performance – Medium potential : In their area, these workers represent the TOP talent. They have experience and knowledge, they know what their responsibilities are, and they meet the highest expectations of the company.

Less Flexibility and the Loss

They are a fundamental part of the organization , so the strategy here is to continue promoting their engagement and commitment, so that they want to continue being part of the team for a long time. Remember that not everyone wants – or needs – to be a superstar . And it is the case of the people of this quadrant. They are happy where they Chile WhatsApp Number are, and should ambition start to spark within them, they will be the first to ask for the resources they need to enhance their potential and move up within the company. High Performance – High Potential: They are the super stars of the team. They perform well above the average and during their day-to-day activities they show that they have sufficient abilities to act as future leaders. In case of promotion, the people in this quadrant are the best decision.

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Of Opportunities

In order to keep their fire alive, there is nothing better than assigning them increasing challenges and, of course, compensation according to their worth. Communication is also very important (in fact, it is very important in all cases), so it is a good idea to schedule regular Aero Leads feedback meetings to find out how they feel, if they are still intereste in your position and in the company, and in any case. In short, knowing if they are satisfi so that, in the face of any sign of dissatisfaction or lack of motivation, they can act on time4. Advantages and.

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