Viewers to purchase products they may not have otherwise considered. ASOS ASOS influencer guide ASOS uses many types of guides on Instagram. But i’ve chosen this example because it highlights a distinct purpose Instagram Guides can serve — engaging with members of the community and highlighting posts from others. In this guide. ASOS brought together posts from influencers they’ve partnered with to showcase the campaign all in one place.

Post in Asos’s Influencer Guide

ASOS’s followers might appreciate seeing these posts. And while ASOS could — and likely did — share them to their stories. A guide provides a one-stop Ghana Phone Numbers for their followers to browse them all. Opting for a guide also allows ASOS to add their commentary to each post. Are Instagram Guides worth the time? Creating Instagram Guides is well worth it because guides allow you to easily repurpose your social media content to bring new value to your users.

Ghana Phone Numbers

Repurposing Content Has

The following benefits: Saves time and money Appeals to different readers who might appreciate the new medium Gets new eyes on your content by repackaging and reposting it Provides a fresh spin. Which can create additional value Drives home critical information Ask yourself the following questions to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Instagram Guides: Do I have existing posts that would work best as a series or compilation? What purposes do my posts or products fulfill.

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