Make the right choice of keywords keywords. Also called keywords. Are terms composed of one or more words that users use to search in the search field. Using the keyword “comedy series” can be more effective than “laughing series”. For example. A tool that helps a lot when it comes to knowing which keywords to use is the keyword planner. In it you will discover the performance of the chosen keyword.

It is the positioning in the search results. And it is precisely this factor that determines whether or not your video will appear among the first. But you must be wondering. Who calls this? Who is responsible for deciding this video ranking? This calculation is done through a complex youtube algorithm. Designed to guarantee exactly what the user is looking for and.

Find Out Trends In Behavior

Ser remarkable teaches you how to make your video among the first on youtube! Learn how to rank on youtube. Thus. Make VP Security Email List it an incredible experience for him. Which makes him return to access the platform to watch more content. There are many ways to improve your video rankings. Ranging from simple changes to something more complex. Next. You will find out once and for all how to rank your video on youtube.

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As well as related keywords that are in high demand. Also. This tool is free. The more times you use these keywords. The better your video will rank. So make sure you put it in the filename (before uploading the video to youtube). In your video description and also in the title. 2 – plan script for the video one of the main factors to make your video better ranked is the retention rate of videos.

In Addition To Potential Performance

That is. How long people keep watching your videos. It’s not enough for you to focus on the keyword. The most striking title. If users close the video right after choosing it. So. It is extremely important that your video can retain the user’s attention. For this to happen. Writing a great script is essential. In addition to the dynamics and duration of the video being suitable for the youtube platform.

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