If the digitization of companies and professions has been a reality for many years now, this notion sometimes remains vague. To understand the realities that it can cover and the way in which it facilitates the daily life of many people, we met three employees of BNP Paribas Personal Finance. They have worked together in recent months on a cross-functional project aimed at automatically generating confidentiality agreements, with the aim of saving time both for the legal department, but also for the various businesses and functions of the company which has the usefulness of this type of agreement. To explain to us how this project was set up, we spoke with Lamine Dieng.

First step: identification of the need and the ideation phase

Founded 4 years ago and directed by Kuwait Phone Number Julien Girault, the BNP Paribas Personal Finance Digital Lab supports both business lines and central functions. Over short cycles of three months or less, he implements innovations to improve the customer experience and the daily work of employees. Julien Girault recently had the opportunity to work on a problem encountered by the legal department: “  informal exchanges with the head of the legal function made it possible to identify certain activities which had low added value. We, therefore, launched an ideation phase, during which we carried out workshops with around ten members of the legal function.to understand their points of difficulty on a daily basis.

Collaborative implementation

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This construction phase required an investment in terms of time that was not negligible. Close collaboration also had to take place so that the tool corresponded to the needs, emphasizing Lamine Dieng. “In particular, we had to rationalize a confidentiality agreement template by considering the Aero Leads different scenarios likely to arise in concrete terms for our internal customers when they set up these NDAs. This also involves the formalization and transmission of part of the knowledge and management of NDAs (particularly in the form of guidelines) previously internalized in the legal department and now simplified and shared with the business.

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