Mo Xiaoqiao (special reporter, his side business is eating. Life is long, and after eating the menu, you will forget it in an instant, but you will always remember the taste of the world)When I was a child, my father liked to take me to eat noodles. The most visited place Silver Dragon, which is opposite to Mong Kok Bank Center. He always said that there were big bowls and fish balls. I still young and didn’t understand the evaluation, so I just lowered my head and sipped the soup. Twenty years later, my father has not become an old man, but Yinlong has long since stopped going.

I found Fu Kee Noodle House on Wan Chai Road and

I finally have enough knowledge and Kuwait Phone Number experience to comment: Eat well! The storefront is just like an old-fashioned noodle stall, without any fancy decorations, but a little bit of its signature Mowan River, you can’t stop eating it. The cuttlefish balls big, and when you bite into them, they refreshing and chewy, very elastic, and because of the real material, there indeed pieces of cuttlefish in it, which is very salty and fragrant and full of umami. A bowl of four grains, every time I eat a grain, I silently count down, reluctant to give up.

It turns out that their cuttlefish balls made fresh

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Every day and made of 100% cuttlefish, unlike the usual practice of mixing chicken into fatty pork to reduce costs. They would go to the market every day to buy fresh cuttlefish weighing four to eight kilograms, mash it up, add seasonings, and rub it until it becomes gluey. After that, came the most labor-intensive process: hand-pumping the pills one by one. The boss said that in fact, this step can replaced by a machine, but the hand chirp can ensure that each grain is solid. Sure enough, you will know the dragon and the phoenix as soon as you eat it. The taste is really elastic, not a machine can compare.

And such a genuine traditional pasta is not a time-honored brand, and the owner behind it is a stylishly dressed young man. Before he opened the shop, he made a special trip to his aunt to open a noodle stall in Kowloon City for nearly 20 years to study, and immersed himself in it for two years, which shows his sincerity. Everyone thinks that later life will not suffer, but he feels that action is better than everything. This shop is half invested by the garment maker father, and he will make a joint venture with a friend to make a dream come true. Obviously, the catering industry has long and hard working hours. He prefers to go to Tiger Mountain. Seeing his dedication and seriousness in production, I really feel that the future generations terrifying.

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