Resources professionals is to assess the potential of employees and thus be able to define growth and development strategies . The 9 Box Talent Matrix (9 Box Grid in English) is a very useful tool for these cases: in a very visual way, people management technicians can place employees in a 3×3 matrix bas on their performance and potential (current and future) . It is a resource that allows identifying the development of employees and making a of what their performance will be like in the and long term. Thus, depending on the position of each employee within the matrix, it will be easier to make a decision about her future within the company.

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Do you want to know what this 9 Box Talent Matrix is ​​about? Well then I invite you to stay and keep reading. Let ‘s start ! We help you take care of your most important asset: PEOPLE! What you will find in this article : What is the Matrix 9 Box? How is Cambodia WhatsApp Number built? Interpreting the quadrants Advantages of the 9 Box Talent Matrixhat is the Matrix 9 Box? The 9 Box Talent Matrix is ​​a talent management tool through which employees are classifi into nine groups, bas on their performance and potential . For this, it is very important that managers look at two things: the current performance of the collaborators, and how far they think they could go . That is, is the person using their full potential, or do they still have room to grow and develop? As the matrix is ​​complet, a visual map is creat that allows.

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Personnel managers to identify potential candidates for more responsible roles, those who are worth keeping in the company. People who ne a push bas on the employees that it would be convenient to separate from the organization. Potential evaluation matrix 9 grid box Among the evaluation tools available, the 9 Box Talent Matrix represents a good point of reference on which to guide training and promotioategies, and can even help Aero Leads design salary bands: a whole combo for a better organization. Here we tell you how it is How is built? Building the matrix is ​​very simple. You only ne three steps : 1. Evaluate performance First, instruments are defin and execut to measure the performance of workers . What criteria to follow to carry out this evaluation.

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