Why combine print and digital in a B2B strategy Print and Digital can be seen as antithetical strategies, but this is not the case, quite the contrary. The most beautiful illustration: each new business creator receives a paper reduction voucher from Google Ads sent by Google, via the Post Office. La Poste Solutions Business and the agency Winbound, specialist in Inbound Marketing, develop in a very well constructed white paper the synergies between print and digital for B2B. Practical and concrete content, based on the successful strategies of major accounts such as Oracle, Oodrive, Ogury or Privateaser. Share the article Fabian Ropars  published onMarch 12, 2020 at 9:16 a.m. sponsored by Winbound windbound1 Combining print and digital in B2B.

It would be 2 times stronger for the mail than for the email

Whether for notoriety, conversion, or loyalty, mail is a lever that captures the attention of a target that is already in high demand on digital channels. According to the Winbound agency, an Internet user is subjected to more than 6,000 advertising or commercial stimuli per day! This multiplication of digital contact points also makes the consumer less and less available for the advertising message: rise of adblocking, rejection of online advertising.Print would then be an opportunity to implement marketing strategies that are better received, and less intrusive. We are here to create a human and emotional link to build an opportunity by being respectful of our interlocutor.

Here is an overview of the main reasons to use this support

Concretely, faced with the saturation of the consumer compared to screens, paper is much more elegant and statutory. According to Aero Leads the survey addressed mail has a memorization beta of 61% and 27% for printed advertising. In B2B, 74% of buyers do their research online before buying.Inbound is particularly suitable for B2B, since it makes it possible to evangelize on an often complex subject. But it is also very interesting to associate the print with it. To the classic PDF to download, it is thus possible to add a print version to receive in your mailbox. This what Ogury offers, for example: once the download form has been completed, the prospect can choose to receive a paper edition of the study. 1.6% of prospects made the request.

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