And more. Samsung the south korean technology company gave a sign of optimism this tuesday (monday afternoon-night in mexico) by announcing its earnings estimates for the first quarter. Despite the impact of the coronavirus. Samsung said it expects revenue of $5.23 billion. Up 2.7 percent from the same period a year earlier. This would be thanks to the fact that they anticipate registering around 45 billion dollars in sales. To grow 5 percent. Dentsu more movements in the main List of Real Phone Numbers. One of them was a message sent to the entire company on the occasion of the global health emergency due to the covid-19 coronavirus. In this regard. Krishna prioritized the physical health and mental well-being of all those who are part of the company.

While highlighting List of Real Phone Numbers the collaboration and adaptability of the entire team. While presenting an entire plan of actions that draw the direction that ibm will take into the future. Sparking its focus on artificial intelligence and cloud services. On january 11 and 12 of this year. The who received information about a new outbreak of coronavirus . It was reported that covid-19 was already in ongoing studies to take the response measures applied in wuhan. He also reported on the genetic sequence of the new coronavirus. Which will be of great importance for other countries to develop specific diagnostic kits. And although china is the country with the most cases. This quickly spread to japan. South korea. Iran and italy during january.

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Is already 1.3 million cases have been confirmed. Around the world. Due to the current situation. Different brands have chosen to take preventive measures to prevent contagion. But in addition. Others have joined the fight against it with different activities. Do you want to start investing? These 9 sectors could be the best option to start related notes: •great changes that the coronavirus is causing around the world •how will technology change the world in the coming years? How important is the video game industry? Automotive industry: the automobile companies general motors and ford motor have reported that their workers will work from home so as not to contribute to contagion. Also. That its factories will remain closed until further notice.

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At the end of march. The president of the united states. Donald trump. Invoked the defense production act for the first time. With the intention of requiring general motors to manufacture ventilators that help combat covid-19. Therefore. Through a statement. Donald trump announced that he signed a presidential memorandum that orders the secretary of health and human services to use any available authority to combat the coronavirus in his country. On this occasion. List of Real Phone Numbers Both ford and gm. In addition to toyota and tesla. Have pledged to support the government in these difficult times. Although this may mean a challenge for them. Production of auxiliaries against covid-19: different prevention products such as face masks and antibacterial gel have been in great demand in the market due to the coronavirus pandemic that is.

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Experienced and that has caused panic purchases in some people. This is why different brands have decided to lend their facilities for the production of these products. For example. The lvmh group. Made up of louis vuitton. Will produce disinfectant gel in factories and cosmetics for dior. Guerlain and givenchy. High-end brands that joined the fight for the coronavirus: on the other hand. Brands such as armani or List of Real Phone Numbers have donated money to italian hospitals of up to 1.25 million euros to centers. In addition. The french group. Kering. Incorporated by gucci. Bottega venta or saint laurent. Has given two million euros to various health services and care institutions in lombardy. Veneto. Toscvana and lazio. But not only antibacterial gel is in short supply. But also bocabocas (masks).

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