Prepare the answers . In all interviews, classic questions usually fall, some more complex than others, which serve to identify our strengths and weaknesses. Rehearse these questions and prepare the answers to highlight your strengths and turn your weaknesses into opportunities. If this part is difficult for you, you can look for profiles similar to the vacancy you are going to apply for and find out what aspects, attitudes and skills are most valued by recruiters . During the Interview During the job interview, the person conducting it will want to explore what your skills and abilities are, your strengths and areas for improvement, as well as other characteristics of your profile that may be relevant to the role you are going to play, such as motivation or the level of maturity . During this stage.

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Be punctual. It is essential to arrive on time or even a few minutes early. Silence the mobile. Keep an eye on the mobile and other electronic devices such as Smart Watches that may interrupt the course of the conversation. Shake hands decisively . Shake your interviewer’s hand firmly but without hurting and do not sit down unless you are previously Mexico WhatsApp Number told to do so. Maintain an upright posture. The posture is very important, since it must denote interest in the conversation that is taking place. Supporting your head on one hand, lying down or leaning too far forward are postures that we should avoid. Be charismatic . One of the aspects that your interlocutor will focus on the most is your interpersonal skills and the way you express yourself. You shouldn’t be short on words, but you shouldn’t talk too much either. Keep an active listen . Knowing how to express ourselves correctly is essential, as is knowing how to listen.

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Do not interrupt when the other person is speaking, follow the thread of the conversation and always keep your gaze. Be nice. Show yourself pleasant and friendly, with an attitude predisposed to collaboration. And never, ever speak ill of past experiences in Aero Leads other companies or with other colleagues and/or superiors. Be natural. You must convince the company that you are the best option for them, but not at the cost of pretending to be someone else. Use the proper language . You should not be too technical, because perhaps the person who is interviewin.

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