Or simple interactions like pressing like / love / share importance: looking at the “response” of people who saw your ad is a valuable signal to see how likely people who see your ad are likely to respond. For example, if an ad is seen by a lot of people but not respond to at all, it may mean that the ad is likely to be uninteresting, for example. Examples of commonly us measurements click: the number of times people click to view information from that ad. Engagement: the number of interactions that occur from that content (ad) such as like / comment / share. So what to watch.

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If we say the above is the basis for measuring the results of our ads. The next question that many people may have what we will look at as a measure. Should we Find Your Phone Number focus on engagement? Or should I look at the click? To answer this question, it’s not about telling which numbers are more or less. But it’s important that you “what do you want?” because some ads are aim at people. “most seen” without focusing on interactions. While some ads focus on getting people to click to learn more.

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That makes these two measurements different. That’s not counting the fact that each type of creative has a different look. Such as posting as an image it’s an article link, it’s a video, and using ads with these 3 types of content will have different Aero Leads measurement characteristics as well. In today’s blog, I would like to tell you a very basic story (extremely) because there are many people who are newbies who come to ask many people as well. So let me tell you anecdotes to start first. Then I will gradually write and explain further in depth again. Share the knowlge.

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