The emailing solution offers a complete service that covers all needs. It allows you to create emails thanks to a library of templates and a simple editor based on a drag & drop system accessible without notions of code. For the optimization of your campaigns, you benefit from A/B Testing and the tool also suggests the most relevant sending times. The solution also allows you to create landing pages and registration forms but also manage your Facebook ads directly on the platform. To go even further, you also have the option of setting up SMS campaigns and chat windows to chat live with your visitors. The platform has a CRM to manage your audiences and also allows you to create marketing automation campaigns and personalized transactional emails.

Mailchimp is one of the leading solutions in the emailing market

A place justified by its complete Lebanon Phone Number service which allows you to effectively manage your contacts, emails, and marketing actions. The platform is equipped with a real integrated CRM which allows you to set up a segmentation of your audience.  Thanks to its Giphy integration, you have the possibility to add GIFs. An A/B Testing function is also available. Mailchimp is also a specialist in marketing automation, you can set up marketing actions in one step or in several: the welcome email, email based on the date.

Sarbacane is a powerful solution for setting up email campaigns

Lebanon Phone Number

The tool has a complete editor that is easy to learn and many templates available. The platform’s CRM management allows you to achieve precise targeting for Aero Leads in your campaigns. Complete reports will also allow you to improve your performance. You can also create marketing automation scenarios for your messages or automate campaigns that are recurring. Other strengths of the tool: are the creation of landing pages and forms as well as the setting up of a chat to interact live.

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