Thus, it is important that companies invest part of their budget in the prevention of psychosocial risks since it will not only help them reduce costs in terms of absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover, but in this way they will be contributing to taking the initiative to improve the well-being of its employees and the performance of the organization , forming an active part of the solution to this widespread problem. What measures can companies take to promote good habits and favor the mental well-being of their workers? We help you take care of your most important asset: PEOPL3. 6 measures to take care of the psychological health of employees.

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Below, we present a series of six strategies that you can carry out in your organization that will help you prevent psychosocial problems and address them Hong Kong WhatsApp Number early: Eliminate taboos Many times it is the employees themselves who do not communicate their status for fear of reprisals or being stigmatized . It’s the company’s job to create an open culture where workers can express themselves freely and rid themselves of mental burdens, preferably before they explode. Eliminate prejudices by offering support to those who need it, and provide your collaborators with all the information available on psychological help centers and free psychosocial assistance telephone numbers.

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Communicate with your employees A good practice is to train leaders and those in charge of managing talent in soft skills such as empathy, active listening and assertiveness . In this way, they will become more perceptive to the symptoms and will be able to Aero Leads proactively offer solutions to warning signs that indicate that someone is under too much pressure. Promoting social skills allows for better leadership, achieving cohesion and adhesion of collaborators. In addition, it strengthens the bonds of trust , which will allow employees to express themselves naturally in the face of conflicts that may cause them discomfort.

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