If you have an entrepreneurial project or work for a company, venturing into social networks is a wise decision if you want to enter the world of online marketing . Currently, technological advances have influenced the way in which we communicate and transmit, therefore, social networks play an important role when promoting our products or services . The community manager is a professional who is responsible for building, managing and administering an online platform. This work consists of sustaining, growing and defending the image of the company in the digital sphere. This figure is very important within a communication strategy between the company and its target audience, so it must have adequate preparation. So, to make things.

Why take a course to become a community manager?

Before moving on to the list, we will briefly mention why it is necessary to have adequate training to perform this role. Here are some of the main reasons: Companies that have or want to have a presence on social networks are lawyers email list constantly looking for professional community manager profiles. For the brand or product to work on social networks, it is important to generate valuable content , and in a community manager course you will learn how to do it. You will be able to get more out of the use of all social networks. Community management is the basis for learning about more specialized digital marketing topics, for example, web positioning (SEO) . You will learn to connect with your target audience, which will lead to more successful content strategies and better results.

The best free community manager courses

lawyers email list

In this online platform, as its name indicates, you will be able to learn all the basic and necessary tools to be a community manager. The platform has more than 200,000 students. The courses are totally practical, online and free. It Aero Leads also has a community of students in a Facebook group, with which you can share proposals and answer questions. The study format is quite dynamic, since it has videos, lessons and exercises. All the tasks carried out are sent to an email and are reviewed by the support staff. You can also find live workshops.


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