We’ve all been there, staring at our screen, face turning red, and wondering when our unfortunate recipient is going to read the message you have written in the first place. Embarrassing emails are a calamitous but unavoidable feature of any workplace, and you’ll be grateful to know that even the best email senders among us have probably encountered embarrassment on occasion.

But if you want to improve your reputation in the workplace and minimize your risk of humiliation, it helps to learn more about these email archetypes, including how Switzerland Phone Number they happened in the past, how they could happen in the future and, more importantly. , how to completely prevent them.

In this article, I’ll cover the 10 most common types of embarrassing emails, with fun real-life examples and an in-depth explanation of how you can prevent them from happening to you in the future. Who knows? You might even increase your email productivity while you wait.

The Wrong List

golden rules Reread. Enable “Cancel Send”. Expect. 1. The email you thought was a test. 2. The accidental answer to all. 3. The wrong list. 4. Forgotten (or mistaken) attachment. 5. The wrong name. 6. The critical typo. 7. The emotional response. 8. The wrong thread. 9. Quick Switzerland Phone Number Fingers 10. The wrong message. The rebound Act quickly, if you can. Admit your mistake. Apologize, but stay light. Know your audience. Related Items: golden rules Before I dig into all those juicy and embarrassing emails, I’ll start with a handful of general fixes, which can stop the majority of these email archetypes from getting out.

A combination of these “golden rules” can prevent almost any email on this list, so be vigilant and use them consistently!

Reread. Proofreading doesn’t take long unless you’ve written a handy novel in the body of your email. Before hitting send, take a quick look at your work to make sure you’ve included everything, make sure you’re sending to the right part, and check things like wording and spelling.


Switzerland Phone Number

Gmail has a built-in proofreading service, giving you helpful red lines to point out possible errors, and you can use a service like Grammarly to double down if you feel the need.

Enable “Cancel Send”. “Undo send” is probably the best Gmail trick I know, and it could save your ass if you end up hitting send before you finish proofreading your email. The feature works as expected; after sending an email, you will have several seconds to click a “Cancel” button Switzerland Phone Number at the top of the screen.

If you do, it cancels the email before it reaches your visitors. To enable it, go to the Settings menu and find “Undo Send” under the General tab. This was a Gmail Labs feature (an experimental addition), but it must have saved enough people from feeling embarrassed to promote it to general standby.

Expect. It’s easy to fall into a rhythm when you’re writing and emailing all day, but if you want to save yourself as much embarrassment as possible, it’s best to wait. Write your emails carefully and methodically, but give them a minute or two before sending, preferably longer for more important emails.

This extra time will help you reach a calmer state of mind, separate yourself from the material, and take a fresh look at your work.

That said, even the most cautious of us can fall victim to a poorly timed, thoughtless, or hasty email. So let’s at least enjoy the catharsis of reading about other people’s woes and maybe learn something along the way.

1. The email you thought was a test. The email you thought was a test

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