Which consists of evaluating the candidates through a graphological analysis . According to the graphological hypothesis, unconscious aspects of personality can be discover through our handwriting and way of writing. If you are interest, we have a podcast and an article on this blog dedicated solely and exclusively to explaining this topic . How are projective tests appli? The first thing that must be well defin is the type of personality that is being sought for a specific position. In other words, what professional profile best fits and what personal characteristics should you have? Once we have that question, it is time to look for the answer. As we have already mention throughout the entire text, the person in charge of making this type of evaluation must have studies in.

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Psychology or, if this is not the case, specific training that allows the correct interpretation of the answers. The place where the test will be  carri out is also important. It must be in a private space, without distractions and individually. The Japan WhatsApp Number material must be previously prepar and there must be enough time, since rushing is not a friend of projective techniques. In any case, it is important to highlight that projective tests cannot be us as a selection methodology by themselves . As we have said, it is an appendix, an extra piece of qualitative information about the.

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The most us projective techniques in the management of Human Resources Now that we have laid the foundations on what they are and how they are us, let’s see which are the most popular projective techniques among Human Resources professionals in Aero Leads their selection processes. Thematic Apperception Test or Murray Test Murray ‘s TAT ​​consists of a series of 31 drawn sheets with which applicants must create a story using 20 of the pieces and discarding the rest. Thanks to the visual material, it is possible to stimulate the imagination of even those who have difficulties in storytelling.

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