Pay rise Commissions for sales. You pay extra. annual premiums. Vouchers and gift vouchers. Affiliate and referral programs. Cost plus. Participation in actions. Pension plan. Health insurance. restaurant ticket Transportation aid. Aid to pay bills to professionals who telework. Non-economic Incentives Non-financial incentives are also resources that companies provide to their employees to motivate them and increase productivity. But instead of using money, they use other methods aimed at improving well-being and quality of life in the work environment. This category of non-monetary incentives is also known as Emotional Salary , and it is becoming increasingly popular among younger generation professionals. Of course, this type of incentive should never replace a competent salary.

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That said, among the most common non-financial incentives we find: Flexible schedule. Freedom to choose vacation days. Telecommuting. Formations. Professional Hungary Phone Number growth. Days off (for birthdays, end of projects, etc.) Travels. Recreational activities. Public recognitions. Childcare, dining room, parking… Recreation areas (football, table tennis, bar, videogames, etc.) Discounts on services, brands and producvantages of implementing an Incentive System for employees Implementing an incentive-based rewards strategy has many advantages for businesses. motivation . Incentives motivate employees and encourage them to achieve the most difficult goals. Productivity.

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Extra rewards boost performance and increase productivity. Talent. Taking care of their well-being builds employee loyalty, making them less likely to want t an. We will see this in the following points. Set yourself some specific goals Once you have set the budget that you are going to allocate to incentives, the next step is to set the objectives that you want to Aero Leads achieve with the initiative. Incentives cannot be o go to other companies. Less costs . As a consequence of the above, the turnover rate is reduced and, therefore, the costs associated with new hires, production stops, etc. Employer Branding . Improves the employer brand image by helping to attract qualified professionals. Development and growth. It allows to improve processes, influencing the development and growth of the business. collaboration.

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