When setting up a goal, you can choose from the following goal types: Destination: you use this for conversions bas on a Tongliao Phone Number thank you page. For example, after submitting a form. Duration: you use this if you want to measure a conversion when, for example, a visitor is on your website for 5 minutes or longer. Pages/screens per session: you use this if you want to measure a Tongliao Phone Number conversion when, for example, a visitor has view 3 pages or more. Event: you use this if you want to set a conversion bason an existing event. For example, when a Tongliao Phone Number video has finish watching or when a certain button has been click.

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This article is about the second option, target type ‘Duration’. We use this to set conversions when visitors have been on Tongliao Phone Number the website for x number of minutes. This is what the settings in Universal Analytics look like: Screenshot target type Duration in Universal Analytics Screenshot of the ‘new target’ screen step 2: Target type ‘Duration’. Migrate target type ‘Duration’ conversions to Tongliao Phone Number Google Analytics 4 With GA4, Google has completely mov away from ‘Goals’. You should now all set up conversions via ‘Events’. There are no more Tongliao Phone Number ready-made target types available.

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If you want to bring your goals with goal type ‘Duration’ from Universal Analytics to GA4, a workaround is ne. That is Tongliao Phone Number why I have developed a solution that allows you to mimic this functionality relatively easily. This solution uses Google Tag Manager and is ready to import into your website. Before you start, Google Tag Manager must be installed and the GA4 configuration tag Tongliao Phone Number must be present in your container. Also read: 5 alternatives to Google Analytics (GDPR proof) Import into Google Tag Manager Follow these steps Tongliao Phone Number to import the solution.

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