Suppose that your objective is to improve the efficiency of the services and that is why you have thought of hiring someone with a lot of experience. But, what if you could train your employees? It could be a valid alternative to the solution you’re looking for. think about the consequences Once you have a list of all the alternatives, think about how they affect your goal. The best decision is the one that gets you closer to what you want to achieve. And, if an alternative takes you away from your goals, discard it. In this step you will have to evaluate all your alternatives one by one and assess what their consequences will be, both on a personal level and for your environment.

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Would a new contract affect the other budgets? Would it affect the work environment? Would it improve teamwork? Rate transactions When we are faced with a difficult decision, it is normal for us to find contradictions that hinder the process of logic . Perfect alternatives do not exist. If not, we wouldn’t be talking about difficult decisions, would we? Transactions Malta Phone Number refer to what you have to “give” to achieve your goal. Or in other words: the sacrifices you must make in exchange for your goals . This is when you have to keep your priorities in mind . Make a list of your objectives from the most important to the most expendable and look for the solution that is most balanced. If an alternative hurts you more than you gain, it may be better to discard it.

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Clarifies uncertainties You’ve probably heard of Murphy’s Law: if something can happen, it will. Normally we associate it with negative events, although it does not have to be that way. Well, in this step of the PROACT method you will have to play at being a Aero Leads fortune teller and analyze what could happen with each of the alternatives that you have written down. Consider all the possible scenarios resulting from the decision you are going to make. And, for a more professional touch, you can even estimate the probability of those scenarios happening. Then, assess how these new potential situations might affect you or those around you. What is your risk tolerance level.

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