If you want your business to be competitive and successful, you must design and implement creativity and business innovation strategies. But what is creativity? Is creativity and innovation the same thing? And how can you cultivate these two facets in your work teams? Next, we answer all these questions. Let’s start! What you will find in this article : What is entrepreneurial creativity? What is innovation? Is creativity and organizational innovation the same thing? Strategies to develop creativity and innovation in the company What is entrepreneurial creativity? Broadly speaking, we can define creativity as the ability of a person to create and devise new concepts, find solutions to problems, and find new ways to face challenges . It is an intrapersonal capacity that is closely linked to the imagination.

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Therefore, it is difficult to quantify. Despite this, creativity is not what makes companies grow and evolve, since it is only the mental process that precedes the implementation of solutions. That is, it is the phase prior to innovation. What is innovation? For Namibia Phone Number its part, innovation is the implementation of the creative process carried out through imagination. In other words: it is the way in which new ideas and solutions brought by creativity come to life and become reality to achieve progress . Of course, to be considered an innovation, these new contributions have to improve the processes that were already implemented and have significant value for the market and customers.

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If new ideas are useless, or worsen what already exists, we cannot call it innovation.Maybe… disinnovation? In any case, this time we are talking about an interpersonal process that, being able to materialize in something, is quantifiable. So it is Aero Leads easier for companies to keep track of their innovative face creativity and innovation the same? Well, given the previous definitions, the answer is: no . It is not the same to devise than to implement. What is certain is that innovation cannot exist without creativity. A person can be creative but not innovative, but not the other way around. How many times have numerous ideas occurred to you, but you have never carried them out.

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