But what if instead of going out you organize a party in your own workspace? You can plan a memorable morning involving the whole team and include music, food, drinks, candy, and even schedule some Christmas-themed activities or games. You can also take the opportunity to share photos on corporate RRSS and thus boost your Employer Branding . Unseen Friend . Ah… The invisible friend, hated and loved in equal parts because it is not always easy to know what to give. For this reason, this year at GHC we have decided to give it a twist: each person must buy a unisex gift, and play! Last year we also did something very fun: each gift was accompanied by three clues, and no one could open theirs if they didn’t guess who their invisible friend was.

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This not only served to show appreciation, but also to unite ties and get to know each other a little better. Another variant is to leave a photo of us from when Finland Phone Number we were little next to the gift, and only whoever guesses who it is can open it! Laughter is guaranteed. Do charity work. Solidarity is something that must be practiced throughout the year, but Christmas makes this type of activity intensify. Use the opportunity to get the whole team together and carry out a charity work that helps the most disadvantaged to spend quality time. Consider a volunteer day with an NGO, raise funds for social works, participate in food and clothing collection, donate toys to the little ones.

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Hold an awards gala . Okay, this is an idea that we got from The Office. But it is so good that we have to share it. Since the year is coming to an end, you can organize a Dundie Awards gala . And since we are in festive times… fill it with humor! Create categories Aero Leads that have nothing to do with performance: the person who tells the best jokes, the one who helps others the most, the one who brings the most original tupperware … Of course, to make it inclusive, make sure that each member of your team goes to receive an award”Children’s Day” or “Pet Day”. Another good way to promote the family spirit that accompanies.

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