I believe everyone would want it. But if the talent person is the best, but the human relations are extremely bad, we get quality work, get a lot of work, but the surrounding people are fill with a very toxic atmosphere, will we be okay? If we do a job that earns a lot of money, everyone gets rich because of the good income. But comes with a very stressful work. Are we okay? Of course, there are both okay people and not okay people, because each organization has different priorities and goals. Many businesses do it because they want a lot of profit and want to be famous. If you want progress, you will think one way.

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Some businesses focus on sustainability, not a lot of profit, but the working people are comfortable, not troubl, but not happy.​ which when we give different values we will create a different organization. There’s nothing wrong with it, but what we do will make Tongliao Phone Number us achieve our goals or not. And is that really what we want? My partners have said that there are many ways to get rich. But the question is, do we really want to be rich? Or how rich is that? And what kind of organization do we want to be? That is the vision that executives must choose to determine the way the company works in order to make that vision come true.

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Therefore, before choosing to jump in with the trend that you have to work like that company, you want to have a corporate culture like this. We may have to look carefully at the surrounding context. To understand the consequences what will the organization have to deal with? What will be the impact? Which are those things that we accept and Aero Leads want or not? Just like that share the knowlge! Managementmarketing see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friends previous article 5 new marketing pillars in marketing 5.0 next article using passion to work is it really enough? Relat posts abbreviations / abbreviations in business and marketing 06/20/2021 who is the business’s critical target.

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