In thailand, it is expect that there will be at least a million users. Among the various features of line that seem to be a turning point for this program to be highly popular over the old market leader like whatsapp is the use of emoticon in the form of stickers, which has become a favorite color before expanding. To become a valuable business for naver today, and there are also many brands that queue to make stickers for line users to download and talk to friends. What is the mechanism for this success? Why are so many people using these stickers in a landslide? And why do brands have to compete for space to occupy these stickers? I will try to write a blog to explain easily.

Become An Analysis To

In my understanding) line sticker is communication. Going back to the era when msn was booming, I believe that many people will remember well that many people tri to install msn plus in order to use the feature that could add strange emotion forms, such Lebanon Phone Number as stirring scallions. Cute penguin or many other strange creatures which is to say, people who use chat communication tools have a culture and behavior of recruiting these “Symbols” to express their feelings for a long time. If going back before these images we will see the transformation of letters and symbols into different images.

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Lead To The Creation

The behavior of creating these “signs” instead of describing the speaker’s emotions and feelings is like a deep human ne. Sometimes we ne a variety of expressions instead of explaining them in written language (which many people are not good at). Some people may use this method to add flair and creativity to their expression others use Aero Leads it to ruce the tone of violence that may occur if the written language is easy to misunderstand. (we often feel that using emoticons is teasing or positive.) when this it is therefore not surprising that when text communication began to enter the area of ​​our daily communication, such as through sms chat programs, it would make the use of this “symbol” popular in succession.

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