Bass emphasized that in order to apply this style of leadership it is necessary to be a professional with such a strong personality, vision, and projection for the future that they can positively impact the perceptions, motivations, and expectations of their team members. The 4 Elements of Transformational Leadership The Transformational Leadership model is based on 4 key elements . These are: Consider each person as an individual, and not as part of a collective The leader attends to the needs of each person on their team separately, showing empathy and offering constant support. He also sets challenges that his collaborators are capable of overcoming and, when they do, they celebrate each individual contribution , with respect, and acknowledging the contribution to the group. stimulate the intellect.

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Transformational leadership involves challenging assumptions, taking risks, and soliciting input from team members . In addition, they stimulate and encourage creativity, and encourage them to think for themselves. For these types of leaders, continuous Latvia Phone Number learning is a powerful asset, and they take advantage of any unexpected situation to turn it into an opportunity for growth. As a result, those in charge are not afraid to ask questions, think deeply about things, and discover new ways to perform their tasks more effectively. inspire and motivate The transformational leader has a business vision that attracts and inspires other employees.

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People with inspirational motivation challenge their employees to high standards, optimistically communicate medium- and long-term goals, and bring meaning to the tasks at hand . Due to all this, they are able to contribute to the group a strong feeling of belonging that encourages them to get the job done in the best possible way. be a role model The influence Aero Leads that these leaders exert on their teams represents a roadmap for high performance. But not at any price. For this, it is necessary to work with ethical values, pride in tasks well done, mutual respect and trusCharacteristics of the Transformational Leader Transformational leaders have some characteristics that help them differentiate themselves from others such as the Autocratic or Laissez-faire.

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