The fact that a former employee makes negative comments about the company can seriously damage his image. Tips to correctly manage an online reputation crisis throughout the history of a company. Peru phone number It is normal for small online reputation crises to arise that can be solved with good management. How? Here are some ideas: prepare an action plan for possible crises . Managing your online presence is not just publishing small posts and replying to users. But also having a solid action plan to deal with possible difficulties. How to react. What kind of answers to give. The language used. On which platforms to talk about the situation. Etc. Study the situation and organize .

It is better to act Peru phone number calmly. After an analysis of what has happened and the application of the plan indicated in the previous point. You have to evaluate the reactions to the possible answers and apply the prepared plan. Always adjusting it to each situation. Give a quick response. But not hasty . Managing time well is very important in these situations. A quick and disproportionate reaction to a negative comment is a bad decision on the part of the company. This does not mean that you have to wait days to respond. Take care of the tone of the answer and be transparent . Do not make the mistake of repeating the tone of a dissatisfied customer.

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The organization must always answer politely and moderately. And you also have to be transparent. We all make mistakes. Including companies. It is preferable to admit the mistake and be honest. Apologize if a mistake has been made . This is seen very positively by users. On the contrary. Peru phone number Not recognizing the errors or trying to cover them could deepen the problem even more. Analyze the result and follow up . It is important not to settle the matter with a simple answer. Since it is not known how the consumer will react. Monitoring the issue for a few days can prevent the problem from resurfacing. Another helpful tip is to review some examples of poorly managed reputation crises . And avoid making the same mistakes. What not to do in an online reputation crisis as we said.

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It is inevitable to suffer some online reputation crisis and by following the guidelines given above it is possible to manage it successfully. But. There are also actions that can throw good management to the ground. These are some of them: 1. Ignore the situation. And. What is worse. To the person who protests and comments. Peru phone number It can cause an even bigger problem. As we mentioned. It is necessary to approach the situation with calm. Respect and transparency. Never ignore it. 2. Delete negative comments. Trying to get anyone to notice or take it for granted that this has been the case can create a serious problem for the company.

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If someone has captured them (which is quite common) it can make the company look ridiculous and incompetent. 3. Generate controversy. The number one rule of conflicts of this type is not to fall for provocations. As a company. It is not advisable to enter into conflict or argue with the client. Even if he is not right. The way the company acts and. Peru phone number communicates says a lot about it. This does not imply that you do not have to answer or that you have to give the reason. But always without generating controversy. In short . Online reputation crises. As a result of the business presence in the online world. Are common. The important thing is not not to have them.

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