At this point, it is more than likely that our interlocutor has some doubt or wants to clarify some question . Part of our job is to let you know that we are open to answering any question, both right then and there during the conversation or once it’s finish via email. And if they ask about the select candidate? It is not mandatory to explain the reasons that l you to opt for another person, but you can explain the strengths that you saw in that profile. It is not a matter of making comparisons we all know they are hateful.

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But it does serve to make the person who is being discard understand the reason for that choice. 5. Rebuild lost trust Being reject in a selection process can cause a loss of confidence in the skills and abilities of the candidates, which can affect their job Egypt WhatsApp Number search. So that this does not happen, before finishing the conversation (or the text if it is an email) it is convenient to give a few words of encouragement that serve to rebuild any hint of loss of self-esteem . For example, you can tell them what it was about their profile that caught your eye that prompt you to contact them the first time. After all, if you call them it’s because you saw something special, right onclusions.

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The idea is to make this process a positive experience for both people. Who will receive the news in a personaliz, close and friendly way; and for the HR professional, But this is very time consuming and I am a very busy person. If you think that a personaliz message Aero Leads for each candidate is too time consuming and requires an effort that you cannot afford due to your other responsibilities… you have two options . Or automate the process through software that sends emails with pre-built templates, which is fine. Or hire an outsourcing service to handle the process for you.

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