As an example, a valid classification could be: Low performance. Professionals who do not meet the required objectives of their job, nor with their personal objectives. Average performance . Professionals who partially meet the objectives of their job. High performance. Professionals who fully comply with the required objectives of their position and also with the personal ones. Performance represents the X axis of the matrix. 2. Evaluate the potential The Y axis of the matrix is ​​given by the potential of each collaborator. In this case, its evaluation can be somewhat less objective and is carried out based on the abilities, skills and attitudes that employees demonstrate during the.

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Performance of their work. Generally, it is classified as follows: Low potential . Here would go the people who are already giving everything they can give and Cameroon WhatsApp Number it is not foreseeable that they will improve, either because they are at the limit or because there is a lack of motivation behind it. Moderate potential . These people have the power to continue developing and improving their functions in their current position. For example, they can specialize in a specific area. High potential. The people in this group perform above expectations and also have some hardskills.

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And some softskills that position them as candidates to climb positions, promote them and give them more responsibilities. A note: are there people who have no potential? Meeec. Mistake. All people have potential , but this quadrant must be interpreted Aero Leads under the needs of the company. If a person has a lot of artistic potential, but we put it in an accounting section, it will not be able to demonstrate it and it will not be reflected in their results. 3. Mix it all up The last step is to place the set of results in the matrix. Mixing the six previous classifications, we would have a 3×3 “grid” such that: Talent Matrix 9 Grid Box From here, an action plan will be decided for each employee: Green grou.

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