And, in case there are people who can take care of the responsibilities of others… it would be adding more workload to the one you already have. Nobody likes to be burdened by others, therefore, absenteeism not only slows down the economic growth of an organization : it is also one of the main triggers for bad faces and complaints, generating a toxic work environment and unhealthy . It is not surprising, then, that work absenteeism is one of the main priorities for Human Resources departments . It is the professionals of this sector who must be in charge of measuring, monitoring and following this problem while designing.

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Implementing strategies that help to minimize the appearance of this phenomenon. Now, in what situations can an employee miss work without adding to the absenteeism statistics? According to article 52.D of the Workers’ Statute , work absenteeism Albania WhatsApp Number is not considered : Absences due to strikes. The exercise of activities of legal representation of the workers. Work accidents. Maternity, paternity, lactation or risk leave during pregnancy. Licenses and vacations. Illnesses or non-occupational accidents when the leave has been agreed by the official health services and lasts for more than twenty consecutive days. Offenses derived from gender violence accredited by social services.

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Absences due to medical treatment for cancer or other serious illnesses. That being said, what can companies do to reduce absenteeism ? Keep reading!. Types of work absenteeism Work absenteeism can be classified into four different categories. Before tackling Aero Leads the problem and starting to design a solution, it’s a good idea to understand what type of absenteeism your company is dealing with. Only then will we know what measures we must take to “attack” the basis of the issue. 1. Excused Absenteeism They are those absences foreseen by both the employee and the company. Based on an apparent and objective reason why a.

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