However, work-life balance is not just an aspect that should be associated with employees with children. Conciliation is a factor that belongs to all of us. As Diana Benito Osorio , professor and vice-rector of the Rey Juan Carlos University, explains, being able to reconcile is not an exclusive issue at the individual level. Rather, it is a challenge that affects everyone: men, women, organizations and society in general; because it doesn’t have so much to do with the family, but rather with private life in general. So what can we in HR do to ensure that all employees can enjoy the right balance, regardless of their personal situation3+1 measures for a better reconciliation of work and family.

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To reduce work-life conflicts and improve team well-being, there are three (and one extra) strategies organizations can focus on to implement Uganda Phone Number and improve: Time and space flexibility Einstein showed that time and space are flexible, therefore, in people management we have no excuse for not applying this theory… Ok. No kidding, what is certain is that, to promote conciliation, it is necessary to make the when and where employees can work more flexible . Employees and employers can reach a firm agreement in which the performance criteria are establishe.

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Working hours, achievement of objectives, delivery dates… and, from there, let the team members organize themselves how they want . In this sense, teleworking and hybrid models are a good alternative to provide the workforce with the necessary flexibility to facilitate reconciliation . Promote self-management Flexibility not only takes into account Aero Leads when and where, it also involves how . Team members should be able to decide how they want to perform their functions , and choose for themselves the best strategies, those that suit their style and make their work easier. No two people are the same, so coffee for everyone is something that doesn’t work. On the contrary.

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