Which is what marketing people have to analyze well. Because a video has a lot of viewers, we can say that viewers have good engagement with that video content. But it doesn’t mean that the audience has brand engagement in any way (which I think working people must not deceive themselves ^^”) brand engagementbrand relationshipmarketing see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friend previous article so what should we let the influencer / creator do for the brand? Next article is narrow targeting good? Relat posts 3 truths that marketers and executives should accept (now together) 12/09/2016 the 5c framework for modern (and futur.

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Marketing from unilever’s cmo 10/29/2017 5 eras of marketing (from quantum marketing book) 07/13/2021 ep 54: getting to know lead types – mql / sql / pql 09/12/2019 easily understand your customers with the 5ws of customer model. 11/10/2018 [marketing 5.0] marketing and technology marriage (and possible issues) 07/31/2021 the real winner List of the Phone Number of the tie-in in the oscars without losing a single penny!! 03/04/2014 digital marketing trends 2013 you should know – integrat digital marketing 01/06/2013 follow nuttaputch subscribe to youtube latest post don’t do content if you don’t have a clear strategy. 11/14/2022 3 important points to think about before creating content 11/01/2022 4 types of value that make people want to see content 10/31/2022 latest.

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Vlogs content that doesn’t get engagement may not be because of the content itself. 11/01/2021 principles of creating great customer experiences 10/31/2021 why send employees to upskill & skill and come back not effective? Blog] burger king’s 5 great branding ideas and campaigns awnewyork 09/25/2019 strategy although in thailand it may not be very noticeable. But abroad, especially in burger king’s home country, it must first be a brand Aero Leads that is unique and produces very interesting results. As we can see, there are always great campaigns from burger king (plus the cannes nominations have been consistently high in recent years), so many people are struggling to get their hands on it.

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