Lily Liu, the regional director of Page Beijing Office, said that in terms of industries, it is the media and advertising industries that are more interested in looking at new opportunities. Up to 74% of the candidates intend to change jobs, and 70% of the financial services and insurance industries have similar plans. The lower ranking is in the medical industry。This may be because the medical industry took off qualitatively in 2021. Many companies recruited a large number of executives. This year they are still in the form of teams and adapting to each other, so the proportion of candidate career mobility is relatively low。

The report shows that “adjusting the track” is the biggest motivation for people to change jobs, and the two traditional “diverting trough” drivers of salary and career advancement have retired to second and third places。This also confirms that in the context of the current economic growth switch, more and more people have developed a mentality of “choice greater than effort.

Alex further pointed out that after the pas

Ten years of golden age, these major industries, such as c-end Internet, traditional 3c consumer electronics and real estate, are no longer basic scenery, and there are relatively obvious adjustments to the personnel structure。Some of these industries will be overflowed during business transformation。at the same time,The industries with obvious expansion are also in line with policy development orientation. The active recruitment channels are new consumption, robots, new energy and high-end equipment。

In terms of talent attraction, Alex recommends Background Remove Service that employers break the mindset of digging directly from competitors and actively embrace the “cross-border” of talent。”Many positions in management functions do not really need to dig corners in their peers, especially in emerging tracks, and there are no high-standard companies in the industry.

Employee experience and the “sympathy culture” of the enterprise

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Yuki Chen, the general manager of Page Shanghai Office, said: “This year’s epidemic is more important for people to feel the importance of “happiness.”。Today’s employees want to participate in more meaningful and valuable work, and no longer want to sacrifice their physical and mental health for money。

Alex added: “Industries that have been flying in the past decade have trained a large number of outstanding talents. A considerable Aero Leads number of them are seeking track swaps. We often suggest that companies can look at this candidate more because they do not necessarily have a complete understanding of the industry. But their underlying logic, thinking ability and vision pattern are likely to bring downwich elements and experience to the enterprise。”

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