And for this it is essential that each team also has its own objectives. Middle Managers are in charge of defining these specific objectives and ensuring their achievement. Performance Management . Middle Managers are also responsible for monitoring the performance of employees. They are in charge of carrying out the evaluations, identifying areas for improvement and enhancing their strengths. Feedback . Feedback is one of the most basic tools of Middle Managers. Of course, this must be bidirectional. Not only is it necessary to guide employees with feedback about their work to improve productivity and the quality of results.

The Spirit of Improvement

It is also essential to know what team members think and feel about the organization and its tasks. This will help the company to create a pleasant work environment that boosts motivation and optimism. Support in growth processes. When new professionals Sri Lanka Phone Number need to be incorporated, Middle Managers are an essential figure in the design and development of search and selection strategies. Their collaboration with the HR department – ​​whether internal or external – is key: no one better than them to know which candidate profile is the ideal one to carry out the functions necessary for the position. They also carry out CV screening functions, are present at job interviews and, generally, they will be the ones who make the final decision. Elaboration of budgets.

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Helps Identify Strengths

What resources will be necessary for the area to function properly? And how much will they cost? The calculation of budgets is another of the basic functions of the people who occupy this type of position. Supervision . The Middle Managers are primarily Aero Leads responsible for the area they manage, but they do not do all the work. They can’t, and they shouldn’t. The normal thing is to delegate the tasks among the collaborators and, once they are done, supervise that everything is correct and in line with what the company demands.

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