Process RPO Advantages When is it better to contract an RPO service?ifferences between RPO vs. the Traditional Selection Process Surely you are wondering… “Hey, but a traditional selection process can also be outsourc. What is the difference between an RPO and the classic contracting model? Well, despite the fact that both recruitment models, as you say, can be carri out through third-party companies, the approach is not the same. In a traditional recruitment process, the outside company is responsible for carrying out all phases of hiring, from start to finish, for a single position. This makes it the perfect service for a short-term tactical strategy.

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You want to fill a vacancy, you call Global Human Consultants , and we design the search process to find the professional profile that best fits THAT position. ses, the RPO is great: you have professional tools and a team that will be by your side when you Ghana Phone Number ne it without the need to make a fix investment When is it better to contract an RPO service? Now that you k Instead, the RPO service is responsible for the first phases of selection, assuming the role of being one more in your company, an extension of your HR department, for all the positions you need. In this case, the strategy is global and long term . It is not about carrying out a specific search, but about collaborating together with your HR department to streamline the hiring process and improve the quality of the candidate experience.

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While you have full control. In summary, the RPO is a 100% flexible Search and Selection service that adapts only to the phases that overwhelm you the most and urgently need to speed up. Or without urgency. Advantages of Recruitment Process Aero Leads Outsourcing Outsourcing processes is a practice carried out by many companies for its multiple benefits. Below, we list the advantages of contracting the RPO service: Professionals exclusively at your disposal . With an RPO, you have a team of Search and Selection professionals focused.

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