As we have mentioned, the causes of absenteeism depend on two factors that can be: individual or corporate . On the part of the worker , the most common reasons for missing work are: Illnesses (physical or psychological). Accidents. Family dependency situations. Have more than one job. As for the company , the main reasons that cause absenteeism in the workforce are: Boring and repetitive tasks. A bad work environment. Not having an effective occupational risk prevention plan. Poor workflow management. Inflexible hours. Corseted environments that prevent professional growth. And, in general, poor people management. Why is it important to know this? Because knowing what are the factors that affect your company, you will be able to take corrective actions and prevent them from reappearing.

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And how can I find out what is wrong with my company? Normally, if you go to work every day and manage a team, you know what their condition Argentina WhatsApp Number is and what negatively affects them. However, it is true that there are many aspects that can escape us. So that this does not happen, there are different methods to find out what causes absenteeism in your organization. We help you take care of your most important asset: PEOPLools to combat absenteeism The most direct of these methodologies is through the employees themselves. Feedback meetings are one of the most powerful tools.

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These types of meetings not only serve to inform employees about their progress and performance, we can also take the opportunity to analyze our company and find out what aspects we can improve . Another good option, and much faster and more Aero Leads convenient for both employees and managers, is through anonymous surveys . There are different tools on the market, free and paid, that are used to measure specific metrics, such as those that cause absenteeism. For example, at Global Human Consultants we use Team Insights.

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